Are you in search of leased office space in Colombo?

Selecting the right office location is crucial for your company’s success. It not only affects your everyday business operations but also has an impact on employee morale and brand reputation. To make an informed decision, consider these five essential factors:


The location of your leased office in Colombo is one of the most critical considerations. A prime location can provide exposure to current and potential customers. Easy access to the office is valued by both employees and clients. Mireka Tower in Colombo offers convenient access to motorways, public transportation, parking, eateries, and a shopping mall.


The infrastructure of your leased office space is another essential factor to consider. A pleasant working environment can encourage your staff to work with a sense of stability. When selecting office buildings for rent in Colombo, ensure that the amenities are up-to-date and uniform. Consider air conditioning, elevators, building administration, security, parking, backup power, floor system, telecommunication, and fire protection, including fiber connectivity is essential to ensure robust internet connectivity, network infrastructure, and communication systems. A strong infrastructure will save you time and make it easier to run your business.

Rental Rates

When searching for rented office spaces in Colombo, compare prices, square footage, unstated fees, and any specialized features. The fee must correspond to the facilities that your company and its employees need for the agreement to be effective. Discuss any additional costs that might not be covered by the security deposit and monthly rent, such as parking fees, IT support, security services, and maintenance expenses.


The layout, ambiance, and maintenance requirements of your leased office space in Colombo are crucial factors to consider. The design of the area reflects your brand’s positioning. During your visit, consider the amount of daylight, ventilation, storage space, and interior design to accommodate meetings, among other things.


The technology in your leased office space must be up-to-date, with constant internet connectivity, video conferencing, and high-quality projecting equipment. Inspect the technology during your visit before committing to renting an office space in Colombo.

In conclusion, selecting the right leased office space in Colombo requires careful consideration of these five essential factors. At Mireka Tower, we offer a prime location with a strong infrastructure, modern amenities, and up-to-date technology to help your business succeed.